What is the Jimmy McGary Project?

The Jimmy McGary Project is a comprehensive examination of the Music Life & Legacy of one of the most influential musicians in Cincinnati music history.

The Project was conceived in four parts ensuring a lasting musical, historical and scholarly resource as well as providing the highest level music instruction to under-served K-12 students.

The Documentary

Directed and produced by Christopher Braig the film will explore Jimmy’s music from the standpoint of those who knew him best.  A comprehensive collection of interviews with be interwoven with recordings, live performances and all the the materials in the possession of the McGary family.  

The Collected Recordings

An extensive collection of recordings spanning four decades will be brought into the 21st Century using digital audio tools that have only been available for a few years. Many of these priceless recordings are on tape and have never been digitized.

The Book

Jimmy McGary The Best Music You’ve Never Heard will combine history and education into a powerful teaching tool.  The jazz legacy has been maintained through the one to one passing of skills from the master to the student.  Published by Jazz Brain Training LLC the book will include solo transcriptions and analysis.

Nonprofit Educational Program

The Jimmy McGary project will continue to evolve as a nonprofit program providing private saxophone and small group jazz instruction to under-served students in grades K-12.  In addition to lessons and materials students will have high quality well maintained instruments and if needed transportation to their lessons, rehearsals and performances.